The army is an army that fights on land. The army in the dream symbolizes the steady progress of the journey of life.

To dream of a neat army queue approaching you or standing in place indicates that you have the courageous and proactive spirit, and will steadily and steadily pursue the development of your career.

The presence of an army in the dream indicates that the dreamer hopes to move forward steadily.

To dream of being an army indicates that the dreamer will advance steadily in his career.

To dream of seeing the army means that the dreamer's life will gradually develop for the better.

A man dreams of an army indicates that his career will go smoothly and he will seek development in stability.

A woman dreams of the army indicates a comfortable life, a harmonious relationship between husband and wife, a stable income for her husband, and a steady improvement in the quality of life.

In addition, dreaming of a magnificent army queue or a tall army soldier may sometimes just mean that you have a yearning for the masculine temperament of soldiers, or that you have had the desire to join the army in the past.

A case study of dreaming about the army

Dream description: In my dream, I dreamed that the troops were doing military exercises, with tanks roaring in front and driving behind. Army soldiers were sitting in the car. They held steel guns in their hands. They were struggling and exasperated, which made people feel a sense of admiration and admiration spontaneously.

Dream analysis: Army soldiers symbolize stability in their dreams. Dreaming this dream indicates that your work is stable and your life is easy.