Dreaming of poisonous insects indicates that you are very interested in profound ideas, wisdom and logical thinking. You are eager for a higher education and advanced learning. Maybe you want to travel long distances or go abroad, or study in order to expand your experience.

  Dreaming of poisonous insects also symbolizes fear and fear of something in life, but these things are still hidden by you and attack you from time to time, so the poisonous insects in dreams can also represent the villains around you or Danger.

  Men dream of poisonous insects, reminding you to pay special attention to the people around you in your life or work. Unknown dangers will appear around you, and villains in power may have a bad impact on you.

  Middle-aged people dream of poisonous insects, indicating that you need to know the current affairs, don't rush into success, and wait for the opportunity to appear quietly.

  Pregnant women dream of poisonous insects, reminding dreamers to be careful of the dirty things in life, so as not to affect the health of the baby.

  Businessmen dream of poisonous insects, meaning a loss in business.

  Kids dreaming of poisonous insects means that you will have new playmates and make new friends.

  Dreaming of being bitten by poisonous insects indicates that you will get along with the people around you in harmony, have good interpersonal relationships, and make many new friends.

  The dream of being single was bitten by poisonous insects, which foreshadows that your relationship will develop in a better direction.

  Dreaming about killing poisonous insects foretold that your life will be very good and your body will be very healthy.