Dreamsmeaning Book dreamed frog

The frog master is suffering. Dreaming of a frog is a symbol of unsatisfactory life.

The frog in the dream symbolizes success, friendship, and a state of satisfaction and joy.

Dreaming of a frog in a pond indicates that you have a forgiving friend and can help you overcome difficulties.

Dreaming of frogs on the grass indicates that you will get an open-minded and cheerful mentor and help you in many ways.

Dreaming of many frogs indicates that your life is simple.

If you dream of many frogs during your illness, it indicates that your body will recover soon.

A businessman dreams of many frogs indicates that you will have a big business and make a lot of profits.

Dreaming of the sound of frogs in the summer night means that you get along well with many friends and have a harmonious relationship.

To dream of frogs crying and crying implies that people have been accused by people in the process of dealing with affairs, and the mood has fallen into a trough.

A woman dreams of a frog, implying that many aspects need to be spent recently and that she must be frugal.

A man dreams of a frog, this is a bad omen, it implies that you will be sick, and you must pay attention to a reasonable diet recently.

Dreaming of being bitten by a frog implies that all disasters will be in the past, and good luck will come right away.

Dreaming of hitting a frog with a rock indicates that you may be transferred to work.

To dream of a frog being hunted indicates that the dreamer may encounter great setbacks.

Dreaming that you are catching frogs means that your family members may be very worried because of your negligence about your health.

To dream of a person turning into a frog, or a frog turning into a person, indicates that you may have doubts about yourself or someone's identity.

Dreaming of frogs in the moist lowland indicates troublesome things, but in the end, with the kind help of others, you can overcome these difficulties.

Dreaming of eating frog meat means fleeting happiness, and also indicates that there is almost no profit in your cooperation with others.

The original Dreamsmeaning Book dreams of a frog

If you see a frog, you will be lucky. Dreamsmeaning Book

Dream water frog. The water frog has a meaty taste like chicken. Dreaming of this is not a sign of success, it is difficult to achieve, it is difficult to seek profit, it is difficult to gather money, and it is even more dangerous to be abused and deprived. It's okay if you are cautious. Menglin Xuanjie

Dream frog makes trouble. As a sign of drum music, the Lord has something to celebrate. Resident officials and residents dream of this, suspected prison will be decided, and the injustice will be punished. Menglin Xuanjie

Dream frog makes trouble. As a sign of drum music, the Lord has something to celebrate. The herdsman dreams, the Lord suspects that he will be judged, and the injustice and the crime are distinct. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Psychological interpretation of dreams about frogs

Dream interpretation: Many people regard frogs as a pattern of visible patterns, knowing that it reflects the development process of human beings from growth to perfection. When you see a frog in your dream, this process of becoming is a symbol of your own constant development process.

Psychoanalysis: The frog symbolizes a lot of fertility and sex. In addition, it also indicates a personality that can be changed.

Spiritual symbol: From a spiritual point of view, seeing a frog in a dream signifies change.

Case study of dreaming about frogs

Dream description: In my dream, I seem to be near a pond. The pond is full of floating lotus leaves. The red lotus makes the small pond very beautiful. A little frog stood on the lotus leaf and looked at me quietly. I hurriedly said to it: "Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you." (Male, 24 years old)

Dream analysis: A frog in a dream, whether it is seeing a frog or hearing a frog's sound, means satisfaction, success and friendship. To dream of a frog in a pond indicates that because of a forgiving friend, you can overcome difficulties. To dream of a frog on the grass means that you will get a good teacher and helpful friend. This friend has a very good personality, optimistic and outgoing, and will help you in many ways.

If you dream of frogs, the meaning depends on the specific situation in the dream. Dreaming of the melodious croaking of frogs indicates that happy things will come to you, making you happy and excited. Dreaming of messy frog croaking is a not-so-good dream, indicating that a villain is speaking ill of you, don’t worry, the rumors are self-defeating.