The skylark is a very cute bird. When it reaches a certain height in the air, it will float a little, and then fly up to the sky, hence the name skylark. Hibari is a symbol of goal and honor in dream science.

Dreaming that Hibari has Danshu in his mouth, and he will become a figure who dominates the whole world.

Dreaming of the tail dragging the ground, there will be prison.

Dreaming that the skylarks are fighting each other, there will be a lawsuit.

Dreaming of a soaring skylark means that after abandoning selfishness, you will find that there are more lofty goals worth pursuing.

Dreaming of the skylark flying and singing at the same time shows that you are satisfied with your new home and your career is going well.

Dreaming that you kill a lark means that you will harm an innocent person recklessly.

Dreaming that you catch lark with a net means that you can easily win honor and love.

Dreaming that the skylark is pecking, is a symbol of good harvest.

Dreaming of an injured or dead lark symbolizing sadness and misfortune.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

Dream red bird title Danshu, Daji. This saint's Rui, a sign of life. This person who dreams has the best virtue, the blessing of Tianlong, turning the family into a country, hundreds of billions of children and grandchildren, Yijun and Wang, and life is boundless. Mysterious Dreams

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation: Birds in dreams symbolize fantasy, thoughts, and ideas, and these must be revealed without restraint. As early as non-Christian times, people became interested in birds and flying. People used to think that the bird was the conveyer of the soul, and it had the corresponding magic and divine power.

Psychoanalysis: Birds in dreams express human needs, that is, to give objects and creatures other than your own human characteristics. Birds in cages may imply restrictions and wisdom. A free-flying bird represents thoughts and desires, and may also represent a mind rising to the height of a fairy. A particularly gorgeous bird feather symbolizes your appearance and shows how and how you see yourself. The flock of birds without direction reflects the physical or physical observance of opposition to spiritual requirements. Sometimes the bird can represent the female, free side of existence. Gold-winged birds and fire have the same representative meaning, and thus symbolize spiritual thoughts. The bird soaring at high altitude symbolizes the part of spiritual awareness or your pursuit of knowledge. In men's dreams, birds represent animal nature. In a woman 's dream, the bird represents the spiritual self.

Traditionally, the skylark is regarded as a superhuman sensation.

Spiritual symbol: On the spiritual level, the bird in the dream represents the human soul.