Dreaming of a big mouse indicates that someone will deceive you and you will be hurt by your neighbors; this dream also indicates that a quarrel between you and your friends will occur.

Dreaming of catching a big mouse means that you look down on the despicable behavior of others, and you will defeat the enemy in a fair and honest way.

Dreaming of killing a big rat indicates that you will be able to win no matter what kind of competition.

Dreaming of killing a big rat, remind you to pay attention to anti-theft, and at the same time face the thief, do not soften your hands or even kill them.

Women dreamed of killing big rats, suggesting that they have been stressed recently and should relax.

Pregnant women dream of killing big rats, which means they should pay attention to premature and abortion.

The couple dreamed that they killed the big rat, which means that they should pay attention to sexual awareness and develop good sexual health to avoid infertility.

Dreaming of killing a big rat means that you will eliminate all people and things that hinder your career success.

Case Study of Dreaming of Big Rats

Dream description: I dreamed that I was sleeping on the bed this morning, and the quilt moved. I reached out and grabbed a large, black cat like a cat, as if it was holding its buttock. Bite me, just woke up like this, I wonder if Zhu Ji or Zhu Xi?

It seemed scary when I first caught it, because I was afraid of mice, and then I didn't. I am a student, a boy.

Dream analysis: Dreams represent anxiety and academic anxiety. The bed is usually a loose life, and I haven't studied and reviewed nervously. The quilt is moving, there is an exam or something coming. A mouse is an anxious inner activity. I usually didn't work hard, I got a bad test. Think of tests and the like as mice, indicating that you hate them and don't like learning. Catch it, hoping that you can spend this exam or test or something. I didn't bite you, I still think I can deal with it.