Dogs are characterized by being loyal to their owners and being fierce to their enemies. On the one hand, it often symbolizes morality, self-discipline, self-demand and discipline. The dog in the dream is the guardian of the dreamer's own internal code of conduct, norms, and morality, or may be understood as the image formed in the dream by the "conscience" that people usually call the "conscience" that plays a role in the inner and subconscious mind. On the other hand, it symbolizes friends, indicating loyal love, loyal friendship, or the power of friends.

Dreaming of a lot of dog barking indicates that when an enemy wants to harass you, many friends will come to help you.

Dreaming of the angry roars of many dogs means that you will be played by some treacherous villains between the palms of your arms, or you will suffer from family disharmony.

Dreaming that many dogs are fighting , indicates that you may want to mediate disputes between friends and pay attention to methods.

Dreaming of a group of wild dogs reflects your inner fear and panic towards these animals.

Dreaming of many dogs indicates that you are loyal to feelings and loyal to friendship, which is admirable.

If you dream of many puppies, you will find a well-paid job soon, and your life will be prosperous.

A woman dreams of a lot of puppies, she will have a good fortune in the near future, and respect the opinions of others, and she will get a good fortune.

Adults dream of many puppies, they are in poor mental state and may be addicted to drug anesthesia. There is also a chance of self-harm. Take a long-term view.

Dreaming of many dogs indicates that luck will come in the interpersonal relationship. Maybe because of similar interests, you will meet new people. As long as you treat each other frankly, you can definitely become a confidant.

Business people dream of a lot of dogs, indicating that your fortune is going down, and impulses in words often lead to bankruptcy. Personal efforts can increase the income of one's own job or a side job.

Retired people dream of many dogs and have the opportunity to travel, but there are many obstacles, it is best not to go.

To dream of a lot of dogs, pay attention to the way and language of communication with others, otherwise there will be situations in the interpersonal relationship.