Dreaming of a camel indicates that you will face a major challenge or a severe test in the objective environment on the way forward. You must pay great patience, hard work, and overcome many difficulties in order to achieve success. On the other hand, as the companion of the desert, the camel also symbolizes the spiritual guide. It will take you through the vast and barren desert, through the stage of spiritual depression, to the oasis, and make the spiritual world take on a new look.

Dreaming of camels heading towards the desert indicates that you may have a long journey. Although the journey is difficult, satisfactory results will be achieved.

Dreaming of droves of camels indicates that you are obedient to discipline or have sufficient resources.

To dream of riding on the back of a camel shows your respect and obedience to your current superiors. But if the camel rides fast in the dream, like riding a horse, leaning back and forth and bumping back and forth, it means sex.

Dreaming of a camel carrying objects reminds you that you must have the qualities of patience, tolerance, perseverance, perseverance, and self-reliance.

To dream that you have a camel indicates that you will have rich mineral resources.

To dream of a group of camels in the desert indicates that you will get assistance, like sending charcoal in the snow. If it is a disease, beyond everyone's expectations, you will get better again.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Seeing the camel, the main thing is difficult. Dreamsmeaning Book

Dreaming of camels and riding, the appearance of great wealth and honor. Dunhuang Book of Dreams

Dream camel carrying a bag. Dreaming in the sun, the Lord has good things, but it is not a sign of peace; dreaming in the moon: the person, the Lord is a troubled world; dreaming in the dark, the Lord is the sign of killing and becoming benevolent, but it is not a good sign. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: Camels represent rare and strange things in dreams. In addition, it also signifies resources available for use or compliance with discipline.

Psychoanalysis: The camel represents tenacity, tolerance and self-sufficiency in the dream. You should have these excellent qualities.

Spiritual symbol: The camel expresses respect and obedience to the master or superior in spirit.

Case analysis of dreaming about camels

Dream description: In my dream, I rode a camel through the desert, leaving strings of camel bells along the way. The high blue sky, the vast desert, the long camel team, and the string of camel bells form a majestic desert landscape painting, full of strong frontier customs. (Female, 22 years old)

Dream analysis: The camel in the desert means hard work and development. Dreaming of a camel in the desert implies that you need to work hard to overcome the current difficulties; dreaming of a camel carrying something indicates that you will have unexpected gains and surprises you; dreaming of riding on its back, or Dreaming that it is on the grass indicates that you have a boundless future.