Dreaming that the green pheasant flew from the cloud was a sign of good fortune and heralded longevity.

  The young men and young men dreamed that the green pheasant flew from the clouds, indicating a long life. wWW.zGJM.ORG

  The longevity person dreamed that the green pheasant flew from the clouds, which indicated that they would increase their lives and could play with their children and grandchildren.

  Dreaming of green pheasant, rich and auspicious, foreshadows that you will have good things, sweet love, and a successful career.

  Dreaming that the green stalks danced, indicating that you will be assisted by noble people, and everything is lucky and smooth.

  Dreaming that the green pheasant spreads its wings, foretelling that you will become rich and noble.

  The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

  Meng Qingyu comes from the cloud, Ji. Dream is a sign of longevity. Young people dream of dreams, which are more rare than ever before; old people dream of dreams, which can extend life, play with children and grandchildren, and celebrate the celebration of longevity. Mysterious Dreams

  Dream Case Study

  Dream description: In the dream, I saw a colorful bird suddenly lying on the ground in the yard, with a bright blue back and wings, the tips of the wings are golden feathers, and two long orange tail feathers. The starling was injured, and she saw wheels and round eye-feathers next to her. Qing Ling is very spiritual. It seems to be able to talk. I picked it up and saw that one foot broke, and the two tail feathers fell off. I quickly hugged the bird into the house and put it in a cardboard box on a cushion.

  After a while, the green lotus was fine. I hugged it out of the house, but it did not know when it would become a tall boy wearing a bright blue embroidered gold robe.

  May I ask what this dream represents? Is it indicative?

  Dreamland analysis: This is a lucky dream, which means that you have a smooth life. Learning, family, love, and fortune are all good. Dreaming that this representative will give you wealth and a chance to succeed. However, be careful about everything, be patient with others, and avoid quarrels. Trust yourself, come on!