Zhou Gong Xiemeng dreamed of picking up goldfish

  Dreaming of a goldfish means that you will succeed in doing many adventurous things and bring you great excitement and happiness.

  Women dream of goldfish, indicating that you can associate with a cheerful boy.

  The dream goldfish died, indicating a major blow.

  Dreaming of fishing for goldfish heralded the love of husband and wife, happy and happy life.

  Dreaming of picking up a goldfish, swimming in a glass, it means that you may encounter strange people or things, which will not only surprise you, but also make you unforgettable for life.

  Dreaming of pulling up a goldfish, it means that the star of adventure will approach you. The biggest possibility is to run into old friends in the street. Then the box of recollection opened, forgetting the passing of time.

  Dreaming of picking up red goldfish, red represents enthusiasm and joy, indicating that dreamers will encounter joyous things.

  Case Study of Dreaming of Goldfish

  Dream description: I dreamed that cuttlefish and goldfish were swimming in a large fish tank . I saw a beautiful goldfish in the group of goldfish, so I went to catch the goldfish and caught it with my hand. After a while, I suddenly thought that it would be faster to go fishing with a small net, so I brought a small net, and then put this fish in the fish tank. At this time, there was a person walking by. How can this dream be solved?

  Dreamland analysis: dreaming of picking up a goldfish, you will encounter strange people or things during this time, maybe it will be adventure travel!