Dreaming that a dog killed a cat means that you are gradually going smoothly at work and making great progress in business. It surprises you. As long as you continue to work hard, the wealth of money will make you happier.

Dream dog killed a cat, you may encounter hinted bane recent hit, but someone will resolve it for you, pay attention to improve your social relationships.

To dream of a dog biting a cat to death may also mean that you personally feel that you are facing some entanglements or conflicts, and have the urge to escape.

Dreaming that the dog killed two tabby cats means that the change of things is a little out of touch with the original calculation. But a calm response will allow you to deal with unexpected situations smoothly. Although you may be forced to start all over again, it is not necessarily bad. Maybe after correcting the direction, the result will be closer to your expectations, and you will be more cautious.

Dreaming that the cat is dead is not good for your health. It is possible that the condition will get worse. If its death makes you feel fear, it is likely to lose emotionally. Pay attention to whether a third party is involved in the relationship, or This third party is by your side.