Dreaming of being kicked by a donkey, an ominous omen, indicates that you will get sick or have a quarrel with others.

  The patient dreamed of being kicked by a donkey and his condition would not improve in a short time.

  The staff member dreamed of being kicked by the donkey. The recent work is not easy to do. Your efforts may be futile.

  The man dreamed of being kicked by the donkey, indicating that his career was thriving and he would have very good results.

  Dreaming of being chased by a donkey indicates that although you are in a difficult situation, you will also face the problem with an easy attitude. This mentality is very good. You must defeat the immediate interests to win.

  Dreaming that the donkey was beaten indicates that your efforts have had the opposite effect. Your status will be threatened and you may even be removed from your post.

  Dream about donkey mules, remind you to be framed by your close ones, there may be relatives and friends trying to damage your reputation.