Dreaming of a snake swimming in the water, dreaming of a snake swimming in the water The ancient Chinese interpretation is that you may meet a noble person recently, or you may be promoted to make a fortune.

To dream of a snake swimming in the water, and the snake represents yin, that is, female. If you are a male, it means that you have the possibility of having a good luck recently. And you want to find a rich woman , or you want your future wife to be rich.

Dreaming of a snake swimming in the water, depending on the scenes you dream about, dreaming of a snake is mostly because of fortune, especially dreaming of a snake swimming in the water. This is usually a good thing, so don’t worry too much, just let the flow go. the best.

To dream of a snake swimming in the water means that you or your relatives will have a great chance of being promoted at work. Under the usual efforts, his hard work has finally been recognized and received the reward that he should have. This is a harbinger of a good dream.

Dreaming that a snake is in the water indicates that you will be promoted soon, and it will be promoted by your own strength. It will admire the colleagues around you and will actively cooperate with you in your work.

A case study of dreaming of a snake swimming in the water

Netizen Dreamland: My father died at the age of 42 (when I was 16 years old), my grandmother lived with my uncle and my mother lived in Anhui. There was an older brother and an older sister. I was in the catering industry. My previous job was in Macau. Now I was looking for a job. This dream was made on Wednesday night. At that time, I was in Shenzhen. I was going to Guangzhou for an interview on Friday. In my dream, a little black snake appeared in the middle of the river in front of the house. I was on the window of the house. The little snake kept watching. Following me, a big black snake was drilled from the hole near the little snake. The big snake with its head horns went straight to the north and swam quickly through the water. When it was almost near the stone bridge, it flew out of the water to the sky. I looked back at the little snake and he was still looking at me. In a blink of an eye, he noticed that the floor of my house had turned into glass, and the little snake was in the water under my feet through the glass. The little snake's body was not curled up, and his head was straight and his body was a little bent. From the beginning, he was in the same posture and kept in the water. I have been prone to nightmares since I was a child, and my brother and I are the same, but this time I think the dream should have a more profound meaning. I don’t know if it will imply future work.

Dreamsmeaning Book : Dreaming about snakes is mostly auspicious signs, especially dreaming about snakes swimming in the water. This is very auspicious. It indicates that the dreamer can meet noble people to help each other, or has the meaning of getting promoted, but it is recommended for dreamers Don't worry too much about things, just let the flow go.