Dreaming of mallard flying into the house is a bad omen.

To dream of a large group of white wild ducks around the farm predicts a rich harvest.

Seeing wild ducks in a dream, foraging and playing on the clear water, indicates an interested travel.

To dream of wild ducks flying in the sky indicates that a bright future is waiting for you. It also indicates that someone in the family will get married .

Dreaming about wild ducks being hunted by people indicates that people who hate themselves will try their best to expose the secrets of their private lives.

Dreaming of ducks swaying, interpersonal luck will improve.

Dreaming of ducks on the road indicates that the difficulties in front of you will soon pass, and that everything will be smooth sailing afterwards.

Dreaming of ducks swimming in the water, one male and one female together, indicates that you will have an affair, and your emotional luck will be very good.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Dreaming flies into the house, fierce, the main problem is that the official symbol is sick. Official symbols are disasters that fly in and involve false accusations; disease symbols are caused by external feelings. Menglin Xuanjie

The dreammoon is in the water. Those who get this dream will be regarded as a witch doctor if they fail to complete their studies; if the disease has not healed, they should serve as a witch doctor. Menglin Xuanjie