It is a bad omen to dream of flying into a house.

Dreaming of a large flock of white wild ducks around the farm will predict a rich harvest.

Seeing wild ducks in dreams, foraging and playing on clear waters, indicating an interesting trip.

Dreaming of wild ducks flying in the sky, predicting a bright future is waiting for themselves. It also signaled that someone in the family was getting married .

Dreaming of wild ducks being hunted foreshadows that those who hate themselves will try their best to reveal the secrets of their private life.

Dreaming of ducks walking swaying, interpersonal relationships will improve.

Dreaming of the ducks on the road indicates that the difficulties in front of them will soon pass, and then it will be smooth sailing.

Dreaming that the ducks swim in the water, one male and one female together, shows that they will have sexual encounters and have a good emotional relationship.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

The nightmare flew into the house, fierce, and the Lord suffered from official charms and disease signs. Guanfu is a scourge of flying, which involves framing; sickness is exogenous. Mysterious Dreams

Nightmare in the water. Those who have this dream have not completed their studies and are treated as witch doctors. Mysterious Dreams