Dreaming of feeding the deer, love luck, if you are single, you will soon meet the one you like. If you are interested in someone, you may wish to confess to her at this time, you will surely succeed.

To dream of feeding a deer to eat indicates that you have good luck in love. In the dark, the signal of assassination has been sent out. So don't hesitate any longer and launch an offensive aggressively and boldly towards the person you like!

Dreaming of feeding a giraffe usually means that you may be in a good life atmosphere, no danger, rich, peaceful and peaceful, or honest and pure in your interactions with others, and love is happy and happy.

A person in love dreams of feeding the deer, indicating that they will have a good future in love and will have a breakthrough in relationship.

A woman dreams of feeding the deer, which means that you have a desire to return to your youth.

A woman dreams of feeding a giraffe, showing that you are a gentle, caring person and will have a healthy and lovely baby.

To dream of a deer being killed by a hunter or an animal indicates that your reason is in danger of being destroyed by instinct.

Dreaming of a small deer coming towards you may indicate that you will accidentally get the inheritance of relatives.

Dreaming that the deer was beaten to death will wake you up to be deceived and lose money.

Dreaming that the deer is lost indicates that you will suffer hardship.

Dreaming that the deer is in your own home indicates that you will be promoted.