Dreams meaning Book dreams of many fish

To dream of many fish is a good omen, the enemy will kill each other, and both will die.

Minors dream that many fish owners need to pay more attention to kidney diseases, such as nephritis and kidney stones. In addition, low back pain is also possible.

A businessman dreams of a lot of fish indicates that the dreamer is looking for opportunities or partners in order to maximize benefits.

A pregnant woman dreams of a lot of fish , this is likely to be a fetal dream, which means that the dreamer can give birth to a cute and healthy baby.

Unmarried young people dream of a lot of fish, suggesting that the dreamer may be looking for the other half or pursuing improvement.

To dream of finding a lot of fish by the water, the dream found represents the coming of a kind of change, suggesting that the dreamer is about to enter a new stage of life.

Dreaming of a lot of fish means that you are living well, because fishing is a leisure and entertainment, and dreaming of fishing is also a waiting process. Fishing is also referred to as lure, and deception is also called fishing, which generally refers to a kind of Cyber ​​fraud. For example, creating a fake web page to induce you to log in with an important account and record your account for theft.

Case analysis of dreaming of many fish

Dream description: I dreamt of a familiar place. Suddenly, it is full of water, deep and shallow. The bottom of the water is full of clean leaves. The water is very clear and clean. There are many beautiful fishes in it. They are all beautiful. Everyone was stunned by the beautiful scenery in front of me. I really couldn’t resist the temptation. I went to a place with moderate water volume barefoot. The water was very cool, very comfortable and gentle. It was not slippery when stepped on the bottom of the water. It felt very good. I Seeing a few big yellow snails at the bottom of the water, I stretched out my hand and showed it to the people on the shore. Everyone asked me to take it up and play with it, but I put it back where it was, because I think this is suitable for it. It should It’s free, and I don’t remember the rest. I still feel good after waking up, and I am not willing to wake up from a dream.

Dream analysis: dreaming of a lot of fish is a good omen, everything will go smoothly. Just like the scene in your dream, there will be many beautiful things happening around you, which will make you happy.