Carduelis is a kind of sparrow, also known as yellow bird, is a beautiful appearance, cute bird, often used for people to watch. In dream science, dreaming of cardinals is a sign of good luck.

  Dreaming of canary birds, the officials will rise step by step, promoted to the ranks.

  Dreaming of eating canary flesh, luck is also very good, and the official will have a happy event to be commended.

  The pregnant woman dreamed of a cardinal, Darjeeling. It hinted that the pregnant woman would be pleased and have a happy event.

  Old people dream of cardinals, this is not a good sign. I'm afraid something unfortunate will happen.

  Dreaming that there are many yellow birds, indicating great success and success.

  Dreaming about catching canary birds means that sorrow makes you mess up, and you will be attacked by competitors.

  The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

  Dream Canary, Kyrgyzstan. This dream has the sign of knighthood. Starters are awarded classes, and those who have already been appointed will advance. Regardless of the right path, those who are registered in the Dengshi Jiajue will be honored and honored. If the old man should not dream of this, there may be a sign of his death. Mysterious Dreams

  Dream Cardinal. If the middle-aged person dreams, the Lord may overtake him; if he is old, he may have dreamed about him, and it may be a sign of death. "Secret Secretary"

  Dream of eating carduelis, Kyrgyzstan, the harbinger of the Lord. Wen Chen and generals had to be sealed. The child who dreams of this is a sign of honor. Mysterious Dreams