Zhou Gong Xiemeng dreamed about catfish

  The catfish in the dream is often considered a symbol of wealth.

  Dreaming of sturgeon, good luck, life will be happy.

  The patient dreamed of eating catfish and his body would soon heal.

  Pregnant women dream of eating catfish and they will be healthy.

  Dreaming about catfish may be a metaphor that the dreamer's recent fortunes are relatively good, and will be able to earn rich wealth, and the dreamer will be able to lead a rich and happy life with his family.

  Dreaming about catfish, this dream may also be a metaphor. The dreamer's current fortune is quite good. Maybe all kinds of things that the dreamer has encountered in the near future will be easily solved. Maybe, the dreamer's current formulation The plan will also be able to be implemented smoothly, which is a good dream.

  Dreaming about catching a catfish, this dream may be a reminder to the dreamer that good luck has arrived, but it is necessary for the dreamer to grasp and catch it, and if he dreams of catching a catfish, it indicates that the dreamer Will be able to easily grasp the upcoming good luck.

  Dreaming that you did not catch the catfish, it may be a metaphor. Although good luck has come to the dreamer, it is difficult for the dreamer to grasp. It may be that the dreamer's ability is defective or the dreamer is not ready. You must know that "opportunities only care for those who are prepared."

  Dreaming that I am eating catfish, this dream mostly indicates that the dreamer's current body is very healthy, various diseases and other diseases will leave the dreamer, and the life of the dreamer will be even more Warmth and happiness are a dream of Xiangrui.

  The original version of Zhougong Xiemeng dreamed about catfish

  Nightmare fish (鳝, good homonym). The main move is to reform and quit killing. The villain dreams, the main appetite. "Secret Secretary"

  Nightmare fish. For those who dream of catfish, the Lord has a kind heart to give birth, to give up and to kill, to worship the religion of the future, there must be good people, to change the good, and to recite the book of Confucius as auspicious. If a villain or an unscrupulous person dreams of this, and his appetite for appetite, he cannot curb evil and promote good. Mysterious Dreams

  Dreamy catfish. Losing everything in goodness and softness is detrimental and unhelpful. Righteousness fails to be clear, chance or perfect. It's better to ask and investigate, and to hide the evil and promote the good, then there will be no disaster. Mysterious Dreams

  Case Study of Dreaming Catfish

  Dream description: I dreamed about catfish last night, dreamed that I caught a lot of catfish, and my grandma gave me a lot of catfish (but my grandmother died). Then I killed the catfish myself and killed a lot. Later The dream was interrupted without killing. What does this dream herald?

  Dreamland analysis: Catfish symbolizes wealth, dreaming of catching catfish, meaning to seize opportunities and gain wealth. This is a dream of great luck, and you have captured a lot, indicating that you will get a lot of wealth in this business opportunity.