Dreaming of a black python means that you have encountered difficulties and troubles recently.

Dreaming that the black snake and the black big python circling and entangled each other will regain the qualification certificate, or bring good luck through inheritance, product development, etc.

Dreaming of black big pythons walking around the house, ( Dreamsmeaning Book ) is an ominous sign of loss of property.

Dreaming of being chased by a black big python means that the ancestors, or relatives, are owed to the yin and virtue, which is very bad for the family, and therefore, the family luck is not smooth, Jianyi does more good deeds.

Dreaming of killing a black constrictor indicates that difficulties will be eliminated and everything will go well.

A woman dreams of a black constrictor about to kiss me. To achieve this dream is likely to have a child and a boy .

A man dreams of a black boa constrictor, if he gets married , then your wife or you will be pregnant soon .

To dream of a big black python means that someone is slandering behind your back or obstructing your career.

A married woman dreams of a black boa constrictor indicates that a loved one in the family will be sick.

A man dreams of a black boa constrictor, indicating that the hard work in the past period of time will eventually be affirmed and won certain material rewards.

The student dreams of a big black snake , which symbolizes unsatisfactory grades.

Business people dream of a black boa constrictor, which means that wealth is rolling and there are many opportunities.