Dreaming of a praying mantis, good luck, will be promoted.

Dreaming about the crowds of praying mantis means that they make accidental friends and make a lot of wine and meat friends.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

Dreaming mantis catching cicadas, fierce. In this dream, there must be villains infringement, or there is a matter of verbal contention, so be careful. Mysterious Dreams

Dream Mantis Peeping. Those who dream about this must have villain viewers. It's hard to prevent if there is a secret. Mysterious Dreams

Dream Mantis Peeping. A little man came to spy on the Lord, and the secrets of the host were difficult to prevent. "Secret Secretary"

Dreaming praying mantis gnawing its arms. Those who have this dream must guard against the villain's self-assertion and inferiority, and there are signs of migration. Mysterious Dreams

Dreaming mantis got into the quilt. The person who dreams of this must guard against the child 's obscurity , or have the right and wrong. Mysterious Dreams

The mantis made a pile, and the Lord failed. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"