Dreaming that the mule rider rides a donkey and gets rich.

To dream of killing donkeys, mules and horses means that you can enjoy food and wine.

To dream of a donkey indicates that you will gradually get out of trouble.

Dreaming that you are riding on a donkey indicates that your life is in danger. You should pay more attention to your physical condition and be careful when you go out.

Dreaming of donkey being beaten means that your social status will be affected in the near future. Dreamers will be forced to leave work.

To dream that someone is riding naked on a donkey, and the donkey rider's hands and head are chopped off. The donkey rider's body resistance is weakened and his health is impaired.

Dreaming of a donkey bearing a weight means that you will become famous and make a fortune.

To dream of a donkey, the relatives and friends of the dreamer will try to damage his reputation.

To dream of a herd of donkeys running out of the gate of the city, the residents of the city will be protected from disease. But if you dream of donkeys rushing towards the gate of the city, the residents of the city will suffer disaster.

Dreaming of the dead donkey is a good omen.

To dream of a donkey's body floating in a river or lake indicates that you will travel on the sea.

Hearing the barking of the donkey in the dream, the dreamer must be cautious in his words and deeds.

To dream of a donkey wearing clothes and shoes implies that you will be teased by your friends and get into trouble.

To dream of a donkey on the roof platform indicates that you should be more careful with regard to the personal safety or property of the whole family.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

To dream of riding a donkey and mule is rich. Dunhuang Book of Dreams

People who dream of donkeys and mules have tongues. Dunhuang Book of Dreams

Dream donkey mule. This dream is similar to Mengma. But the dream of the donkey is the master of the official business, the dream of the mule is the master of the goods, and it is too much work and no leisure. Menglin Xuanjie

Riding a donkey and mule, the Lord gets wealth and good fortune. Dreamsmeaning Book