Dreaming of playing with one's own animals or birds, his wife will be ecstatic because of poor health or infertility.

  Unmarried young men and women dream of domestic animals or birds and worry about their marriage.

  Dreaming of owning a dog can prove that your family is your best helper in a disaster.

  Dreaming of raising a parrot, it turns out that friends made a living by tricking and cheating.

  Dreaming of raising a thrush, contradictions will occur at home, and they will not stand against each other.

  Dreaming of raising a cat will get rid of the disease.

  Dreaming of raising rabbits, because of careful words, will avoid the traps set by the enemy.

  Dreaming of raising monkeys, he will make friends with scammers and suffer heavy losses.

  Dreaming about killing the beast will deceive friends.

  Dreaming that the animals you raised are lost, your friends will cut off their relationships.