Zhou Gong Jie Meng dreamed

  Dreamed that the couple had dispersed. 

  The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

  The dream tile turned into a trance, and the master woman was a sign of violent death. "Secret Secretary"

  Nightmare perishes, and the master Fushou Zhenzhen's Rui Zheng. "Secret Secretary"

  Nightmare playing in the water, Kyrgyzstan. The fun of playing in the water is a sign of joy, and the marriage is celebrated by the master of the dream. If dreams stop, Fushou Zhenzhen's Rui Zheng. Mysterious Dreams

  Nightmare playing in the water. Playing in the water is a sign of joy, the dreamer, the marriage of the Lord, and the family celebrating. "Secret Secretary"

  Flying in the dream garden pond, Kyrgyzstan. The feelings of love between the master and the male are condensed into a sign, and the joy will not be seen in a month. Mysterious Dreams

  I disperse, my wife is fierce. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

  Dream Case Study

  Description of the dream: I dreamed of a tadpole swimming towards me from a distant water, but my eyes kept looking at me, and another stood on the tree. Later, the two tadpoles hit in the water, but looked Looking at it and not feeling like a fight , who knows what this dream means?

  Dream Analysis: First of all, you dreamed that I was swimming towards you. This means that you will have good luck recently, and it may be peach blossom luck. If you are a single friend, pay attention to it and seize the opportunity. The "fight fight" you see may actually be playing in the water, which mainly means family harmony, but if you dream about the disappearance of the funeral, it means that there will be problems in love, and you need to pay attention.