Dreaming of a mussel means that you will be dealing with a stubborn but honest person.

  Dreaming of eating mussels indicates that you will be happy for the success of others.

  The young woman dreamed of eating roasted mussels with her sweetheart, indicating that she was glad that he had money for himself and was confident.

  Dreaming of eating mussels indicates that small tadpoles may occur in the body.

  Dreaming of river mussels indicates that there may be disputes with others in life.

  Dreaming of picking up river mussels indicates that something lucky will happen to him.

  The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

  Meng Meng, Ji. In this dream, all things are in harmony, and marriage is a perfect match for the heavens, and you will have good vibes. Mysterious Dreams

  Dream Clam. The dream has the image of harmony in everything, the Lord's marriage is good, the son is beautiful. "Secret Secretary"

  Meng Meng Huayue, Ji. Han Ru masters the dragon, the poor dominate the strange goods. Mysterious Dreams