In the cat and mouse dreams, the cat represents the power of justice, mice represent villain or difficult, cats catch mice show that you will get the help of friends, overcome difficulties and succeed in business or in life.

To dream of a cat catching a mouse indicates that you may meet a thief. Be especially careful of pickpockets and robberies when you go out, and don’t forget to lock your bicycle . In addition, pay special attention to friendship. As long as you help each other and organize some activities, you can live a happy life.

Dreaming of catching mice indicates that you will make dishonest friends.

Dreaming of cats and mice means that you can make a lot of money.

People who go out dream of cats and mice, it may be difficult to return home.

To dream of a cat catching a mouse is an auspicious sign that the enemies will kill each other and both will die.

Dreaming of catching mice indicates that the enemy has conspired to plot against himself and must do a good job of defense.

To dream that a mouse is caught by a cat, but can realize one's wish, life and career will stabilize, and there will be continuous development.

Dreaming of a mouse being caught by a cat and struggling indicates that there is a high possibility of being involved in the dispute of right and wrong. At this time, you must pay special attention to your words and deeds.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Cats and mice are the main source of wealth. Dreamsmeaning Book

The cat catches the mouse, the master gets rich. Dreamsmeaning Book

Dream cat catches mouse. In this dream, the owner has to get rich and must guard against disasters for his descendants. If someone surnamed Chu dreams of this, it is a sign of sorrow. Menglin Xuanjie

Dream cat catches mouse. Dream that this lord will get rich. Beware of disasters for your daughter-in-law. Travellers dream of it, and there is a sigh of no return. Secretary of Broken Dreams