The cow in the dream is a symbol of motherhood and fertility.

  Dream of cows expressing full love, don't miss the chance of love.

  Dreaming of a heifer, it means that a business with little profit at the beginning will bring you rich profits in the future.

  Dreaming of someone sending a heifer to yourself indicates that you need to rely on friends to make a lot of money.

  Dreaming of milking the cows heralds happy events.

  Dreaming that the cows are waiting to be milked indicates that hope and wish can be fulfilled.

  According to Freud, dreaming of cows indicates a subconscious sexual desire for the mother.

  Dreaming about the theft of a heifer in your home, you may want to start a business that can bring huge profits.

  Dreaming of a hell heifer, foreshadows that you may count on friends to help you in the future if you want to become rich.

  If a woman dreams of a cow with a calf, it means that your family is flourishing and your children are full.