Flies are the enemy. Flies bring harassment to people, symbolizing that the enemy uses indirect means to damage himself, such as making small moves behind his back. The flies in the dream may represent some people around you who are very annoying but have to be right, such as creditors who often call debts to disturb you, savage admirers, or unwelcome nuisances. On the other hand, the flies also represent those hypocritical businessmen, who seem to be extremely busy on the surface, but actually have no results. If you kill or drive away the flies in the dream, it indicates that you will soon avoid or catch the troublemaker.

To dream of flies harassing yourself indicates that the enemy may use indirect means to make small actions behind your back to destroy your work and life.

If there are a lot of flies in the dream, it indicates that there will be more and more enemies. At this time, we should find ways to win friends and avoid making enemies again.

If you dream of flies flying randomly, or flies buzzing around you when you eat , it means that there may be disease-causing factors in your life around you, reminding you to pay attention to your health and prevent the danger of getting sick.

Dreaming of getting rid of flies indicates that you will overcome obstacles and achieve success in your work.

To dream of gatherings on food means that you or your family will get sick.

Dreaming that there are flies flying around may cause big disputes with people.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Seeing the flies, there are many difficulties. Dreamsmeaning Book

The dream dog flies, Ji. Dream that the lord will get the wealth of the villain, and will be rewarded without work. Menglin Xuanjie

Dream dog flies come. The person who dreams of this means that the Lord gets the wealth of the villain and can get it for nothing. If the patient dreams, what he suffers will be cured. Poor dreams, no regrets. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Dream fly tiger set on the back. The gentleman's dream is good, the villain's dream is bad. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Meng Flies gather back, fierce, and distressing after the Lord. Menglin Xuanjie

Meng fizzy nose, unable to drive away. The nose is called the auxiliary, and anyone who dreams of this will suffer catastrophic misfortune by making a speech. Menglin Xuanjie

Mu disturbs the food, the epidemic is imminent. Dreamsmeaning Book

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: Generally speaking, flies are considered vicious and cumbersome. Their important role in helping to promote decay like ants is often overlooked. Dreaming of flies requires you to analyze the aspects of your life that you see as purely negative content. After all, knowing them also has positive value. The activities of individual insects are aimless, and insects only show their positive or negative effects when they are in groups. Therefore, dreaming of swarms of flies means that if you join a group, you will be more effective and influential.

Psychological analysis: dreaming of various insects will guide you to pay attention to spontaneous and intuitive behaviors, which are all very important. Generally, things that threaten you work from the lowest level (see insects).

Spiritual symbol: From a spiritual point of view, dreaming of flies symbolizes pollution and warns people to guard against diseases.