Dreamed that the host woman lost water.

I dreamed of a dream with a scorpion (Water Margin) sticking to my legs, a small profit, and an increase in staff.

The male dreams of a magpie, indicating that you have something wrong with your career. You have encountered a great role, but you have to be bold and careful, and the winner will be you.

Dreaming of being bitten by a cockroach (Water Margin) means that the friend is lucky. If you participate in the membership activities, and everyone can see the heroes, life will be very happy.

The businessman dreamed that he was bitten by a cockroach (Water Margin), which shows that if your fortune can overcome difficulties, you can get unexpected benefits.

Unmarried men and women dreamed of being bitten by a maggot (Water Margin), heralding your love, hesitating for lack of courage and determination.

Looking for workers dreaming of being bitten by locusts, the main begging for the workplace, the grasp of the situation weakened, the influence of authority figures is also reduced, but still hope to get the ideal opportunity.

Newcomers in the workplace dreamed of being bitten by locusts, and their working conditions began to become loose and their luck was quite good. Opportunities for assignments have also increased.

Candidates dreamed of being bitten by locusts, indicating a good test score.

Manual laborers dreamed of being bitten by locusts. The main health concern was the digestive system. Paying attention to the lightness of the diet was more effective, and the tendency of depression began to appear mentally.

Dreaming that the magpie bites itself, good things will come.

The man dreamed that the maggot bite himself and had a chance to travel, but he must be careful.

Dreaming that locusts bite the soles of their feet, pay more attention to their health and rest.

The divorced widowed person dreams that the locust bites the sole of his foot, and the Lord's travel is hindered, but it is better, and it is best to plan it in detail before deciding.

Dreaming of being bitten by locusts in the paddy field during transplanting rice, suggesting that villains will make troubles in starting a business.