Dreaming of riding on the back of an elephant indicates an upward trend in love. In addition to your sweetheart, there will be another handsome and extraordinary opposite sex. You have to choose the same fish and bear paws, so you will be trapped in troubles.

Dreaming of a lion roaring, love troubles will be resolved. All the knots in the heart will be eliminated, and the two can further develop their love and live a happy life.

Dreaming of meeting a tiger and shocked, you will have a good purchase luck. I stumbled upon a store that was selling at a low price when I stayed, or I bought something with a very low discount before feigning, and so on. Good luck.

To dream of a lion walking on the grassland is clouded over interpersonal relationships. Self-assertion is too strong and easy to carry with others. It is best to restrain yourself and coordinate with others as much as possible.

Dreaming of a large group of elephants walking, bad fortune. Will worry about the lack of pocket money. At this time, you have to stay at home obediently.

Dreaming of feeding the deer, you have good luck in love. In the dark, the signal of assassination has been sent out. So don't hesitate any longer and launch an offensive aggressively and boldly towards the person you like!

To dream of a zebra running indicates that everything will go smoothly. You can also get along well with your brothers who quarrel at every turn. Treat them well!

Dreaming of a panda means you have good luck in the opposite sex. I don't know who it is, I have secretly fallen in love with you. I will definitely come to report soon.

Dreaming of a bear walking on the mountain, lack of energy. Things are always timid. Bring out your spirit and move forward boldly!

Dreaming of riding on a tiger's back, wealth is rising rapidly. In this case, you can take part in the "Strike Out" program, and maybe you can take a lot of things back.

Dreaming of being attacked by a wolf, unfortunate things will happen to people around you. Stumbles and falls when climbing stairs, money extortion by gangsters, etc. will happen to friends frequently. Don't forget to remind them to be careful!

Dreaming of a giraffe will make you worry about academics. If you fail in your effort, your exam results will be unsatisfactory, but don't be discouraged.