The wolf symbolizes all kinds of things that you fear in your heart. Especially if you think it is "best", offensive, and destructive. Maybe your fear is irrational or the result of instinctive suppression from childhood traumatic experiences (such as Electra, Oedipus complex). The wolf symbolizes the fear of male sex in women's dreams, which is the so-called "pervert".

If you dream of a wolf crying, there is a danger approaching you recently, or a friend betraying you.

Hearing the cry of a wolf in the dream indicates that there may be bad news.

If a group of wolves roar at each other in the dream, it means that someone is trying to count you.

Women dream of wolves crying, indicating that the relationship with their friends will deteriorate, and it is best to stay away from those who can’t get along.

Hearing wolves yelling in the dream indicates that you will be defeated by a hidden organization that will defeat you in the undeceptive competition.

Dreaming of wolves crying indicates that you have noticed that you are threatened by others, or things are not going smoothly, and bad things happen. It is recommended to take preventive measures in advance.

A pregnant woman dreams of a wolf crying indicates that you will encounter some threatening foods in the near future. It is recommended that you be careful and pay attention to the health of yourself and your baby.