Dreaming of long snake coiling means that lucky things will happen in reading. For example, the new math teacher is the type you like. So, in order to get a good impression, you start to work hard on the previously hated math.

Dreaming that the lizard is crawling will make mistakes in action. Perhaps the mistake of misremembering the day of the week in all textbooks, or mixing salt in the coffee, etc., is mostly a mistake caused by negligence.

Chasing the dream of being a snake -by, there are health warning. You are in a state where you are most vulnerable to colds, and you must never be strong. If you feel hot, you should see a doctor early.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: The reptiles that appear in dreams are related to the basic and instinctive reactions of people. The reptiles in the dream show primitive desires, especially when you cannot accept them immediately.

Psychoanalysis: Many dreams about reptiles involve control and manipulation. Dreaming of taming a crocodile implies your fear of being combative.

Spiritual symbol: If you learn to understand and deal with your basic desires, you can lay a solid foundation for your spiritual development.

Case analysis of dreaming about reptiles

Netizen Dreamland: I am a small owner of a small car repair shop. Today I dreamed that there were many reptiles such as lizards, tortoises , four-legged snakes, long-headed turtles and others in the area where I was doing business . They are everywhere! They are all big! I just went back to the store to have a look. As I walked, I saw that the flood slowly began to come. So I went back to the store to hide, and so did my family. The water rose to a high level and flooded the entire area, but there was no drop of water flowing into the shop, which made it feel safe. Then I watched a big monster swimming around like a tortoise. Suddenly a shark rushed towards me and wanted to bite me. Fortunately, the monster came and bit it! Bring it. Go, I clearly watched that shark was bitten by the monster turtle and taken away and didn't hurt it. I woke up! The picture was floating in my mind!

Dreamsmeaning Book : I dreamed of many reptiles in my dream, which reflects that the dreamer may make mistakes in behavior. For example, when repairing the car, he may cause mistakes in repairing the car due to his own negligence. Later, the shark wanted to bite you but was taken away by the monster turtle. This indicates that your mistakes will not cause significant consequences, and will be trivial.