Dreaming of riding on a camel's back shows your respect and obedience to your current superior.

  In the dream, the camel rides fast, like riding a horse.

  Single men and women dreaming of camels, they will soon find the one they like.

  The office worker dreams of riding a camel, the lazy attitude at work will gradually converge, the work goal will gradually become clear, and he has the idea of ​​seriously completing a task or changing the status quo.

  Dreaming of riding camels with people, interpersonal relationships will be handled well.

  Dreaming of a camel carrying an item, representing patience, tolerance, self-sufficiency, etc., implying that you should possess these excellent qualities.

  Dreaming of walking on a camel is a symbol of travel and heralds going abroad.

  Dreaming of camels in groups in a dream, it means that you will have a lot of resources to use.