To dream of riding on the back of a camel shows your respect and obedience to your current superiors.

In the dream, the camel rides fast, like a horse, leaning back and forth and bumping back and forth, which means sex.

Single men and women dream of camels, they will quickly find the right person.

When office workers dream of riding a camel, their lazy attitude at work will gradually converge, their work goals will gradually become clear, and they will have the idea of ​​completing a task seriously or changing the status quo.

To dream of riding a camel with others means that interpersonal relationships will be handled well.

To dream of a camel carrying things, represents perseverance, tolerance and self-sufficiency, etc. It implies that you should have these excellent qualities.

To dream of walking on a camel symbolizes travel and indicates that you will go on a long journey.

To dream of camels in groups in your dream means that you have a lot of resources to use.