Dreaming of roundworms means that because of things that make you sad, you will sign a contract hastily, and in the end you will not be satisfied; this dream also indicates a quarrel within the family.

  Dreaming of maggots digging holes in clothes or carpets indicates that your family will encounter difficulties and make you sad; if you dream of successfully catching maggots and destroying them, it indicates that you will defeat and defeat your opponent.

  Dreaming of exterminating maggots, the omen will survive the crisis and the enemy will be wiped out.

  Dreaming of tapeworm biting himself, doing things not smoothly, there are barriers. It also shows that you may be experiencing some kind of pain, it may be emotional and physical.

  The patient dreamed of getting rid of tapeworms, and his body would be healthy.

  Dreaming of a small maggot, an ominous omen, will be troubled by small things recently.

  The businessman dreamed of exterminating the tapeworm, which meant that he would survive the crisis.

  Businessmen dream of tapeworms, and they will make mistakes on their career development path.

  Students dream of tapeworms, and some mistakes may occur during the exam .