Zhou Gong Jie Meng dreamed

The cry of sorrow is a sign of sorrow.

Dreaming about you means sadness in your heart.

When a woman dreams of a trance, she will be separated from her husband, and will be distressed.

Dreaming that magpies are flying in the sky means that all sorrow will disappear.

Dreaming that 鹧鸪 flew away from his own hands meant that the lawsuit failed.

Dreaming that crickets eat bugs means that enemies are everywhere, causing sorrow for themselves.

Dreaming of feeding bugs to tadpoles meant frowning at the loss of money.

Dreaming that putting the maggot into a cage meant suffering from his own mistakes.

Dreaming of releasing the puppets in the cage means to be free from sorrow.

Dreaming of giving my uncle to others meant paying off debts for my parents.

Dream Case Study

Description of the dream: Last night I dreamed that two tadpoles were kept in a small bird cage. They kept calling and saw a lot of little tadpoles like chickens. I stole one . Are there any signs of dreaming like this?

Analysis of dreams: The cry of tadpoles sounds very sad, so dreaming of tadpoles is a sign of sorrow. At the beginning, two tadpoles were trapped in a birdcage, which means that your sorrow is suppressed in your heart and not released Later you stole one, symbolizing that you are looking for an outlet for your inner distress. Predicts that you will soon be free from sorrow. Negative emotions should be digested in time, and lingering in your heart cannot solve the problem.