Dreaming of his wife holding a pig, suggesting that his wife will conceive a fetus with both wealth and prosperity. As the child grows up, the family business will become more prosperous, and the child will grow into an entrepreneur, and it may bring unexpected fortunes. You are advised to buy lottery tickets.

  The businessman dreamed that his wife was holding a pig, indicating that the business investment would be profitable.

  Dreaming of holding a piglet, suggesting that securities and real estate investment will bring you unexpected wealth. Money will grow bigger and bigger like a snowball. This is a good dream of making a fortune and a good opportunity from heaven, but you must hold it well.

  Dreaming of your wife holding a black pig indicates that you will have a rich and rich son in the future.

  Dreaming that your wife is holding a white pig, foreshadows that you will give birth to a smart and wise man in the future.