Zhou Gong interprets dreams and dreams about dragons

The dragon is a symbol of good luck. It frequently appears in the legends and myths of the East. It brings luck. If you dream of a dragon, you will get an enviable reputation and wealth.

Dreaming of the dragon shows that you must be an extraordinary person, and God will give you the chance of prosperity and prosperity.

Dreaming that the dragon is flying in the sky indicates that you have very good luck, and that your work and study results are remarkable and noticeable.

Dreaming that you are flying on a dragon, it indicates that your opportunity is coming, and the God of Fortune will take care of you. Even if you face difficulties, you will be solved. Ronghua and wealth will accompany you.

Dreaming about the birth of a dragon indicates that the baby in the future will be healthy and strong, and will have extraordinary achievements.

If you dream of giving birth to a blue dragon, it also indicates that your child will become a national pillar when he grows up.

Dreaming of a dragon entering the door, or drilling into the stove, or taking the dragon into the water, indicates that you will be fortuned and will be promoted.

Dreaming of a snake turning into a dragon, foreshadows that you will be assisted by a noble person.

Dreaming of the dragon flying to the ground indicates that you will have unexpected income in the near future.

I dreamed that Long Fei entered the house or got into the clothes. If there is a bride or a pregnant woman in the family , I sincerely congratulate you. This indicates that the bride will conceive the fetus. The pregnant woman will give birth to a lively, cute, intelligent child Will become famous!

The pregnant woman dreamed that the two dragons flew into the house or got into the clothes, indicating that twins would be born.

Dreaming of giving birth to a dragon indicates that the wife will give birth to a healthy baby, and the baby will certainly achieve extraordinary results in the future.

Dreaming of giving birth to a blue dragon is also a dream of Ji Meng. The child born is likely to grow into a pillar of wealth and reputation.

Dreaming of a dragon head indicates that the son born will not only look good, but also achieve great achievements in the future. It is a very auspicious dream. Dreaming of a dragon tail is a sign of giving birth to a beautiful daughter.

Dreaming of flying dragons into the sky, or dragons spitting fire, or roaring, all indicate that you will receive unexpected good news in the near future. Maybe the official transport Hengtong or the fortune will take the lead and the incident will go smoothly. It will win everyone's respect, follow, and achieve your wish And succeed.

Dreaming about Huanglong, symbolizing great power and honor, indicates that the opportunity that may change your life is coming. You will have great success, fulfill your long-cherished wish, and become rich and noble.

If you dream about the dragon and gold and silver jewelry at the same time, it indicates that you will be given a gift from heaven, good things may be one after another, wealth is strong, you are lucky, your business is booming, and your success is imminent.

If in your dreams the dragon emits light to illuminate the house, on the one hand, it indicates that the unmarried family members in your family may find excellent partners; on the other hand, it indicates that the fortune is strong and the business is booming in the near future. If you invest, it will be a great success.

Dreaming of riding a dragon into the water, the dreamer will be in a high position.

Dreaming that the dragon was dormant in the water, the dreamer went well.

Dreaming of riding a dragon up the mountain, the dreamer responds to requests.

Dreaming that you have become a dragon flying into the sky, indicates that you will fly Huang Tengda, become famous all over the world, and realize your ideals and ambitions in your heart.

Dreaming that the dragon is dead, a bad omen may indicate that you will lose your official position or lose your prominent position.

Dream of dragons or snakes killing people , omen, beware of everything.

Dreaming that the dragon is spitting fire, there will be unexpected good news from relatives or nobles in the distance in the near future, which may help you climb to the peak of success or help you resolve the problem. Although the range of the flame spray is different, it can still Think you'll get windfall or get rich.

Dreaming of dragons spitting out gold nuggets or jade beads, you will receive the blessings from heaven, good fortune in your family or business, and overpower the heroes in all kinds of competitions. This dream will also bring you unexpected good news such as fortune, jackpot and so on. You will succeed and you will realize your wish.

Zhougong Stock Market Dreamed of Dragons

Dreamed that the dragon entered the water, the precursor of the stock market's decline, but it will not fall for too long and too much.

Dreaming of dragons entering the home, the stock market should be bought from the opening.

The original version of Zhou Gong interprets the dream and sees the dragon

Riding to heaven, the Lord is noble. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

The woman saw a dragon and gave birth to a son. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Dream Canglong round the moon, Kyrgyzstan. The main woman is pregnant and has a noble child, and she will be born in Mochizuki. Yin Yang Gao Tai, big auspicious also. Mysterious Dreams

Mengchenglong heaven, Zhuji, is a sign of nobleness, wisdom and prestige are excellent. Mysterious Dreams

Dream by the dragon day by day, Daji. Mysterious Dreams

Dreamed of riding a dragon, getting rich, and gaining office. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

Dreaming of riding a dragon, Daji. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

Dreamed of riding a dragon to heaven, three generations of wealth. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

I dreamed of rich princes in Chenglong City. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

Dreaming of the Red Dragon, worrying about officials, have tongues. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

Dreaming of the Black Dragon, the family is rich. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

Dreaming of dragons will make you rich; The Dream Book of Dunhuang

Dreaming of the dragon killer, Dajili. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

Dream of Tianlong, get rich. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

Nightmare Dragon into the sea, Kyrgyzstan. The literati dreamed of this, studying the heavens and the heavens, including the universe, Liufangbaishi, a generation of Confucianism, not an ordinary humble person. Mysterious Dreams

Dream Dragon. Dragons are also positive, and group leaders are also. He who dreams of this must be extraordinary. Mysterious Dreams

Mengtian stormy sky rises, Ji. Feilong is in the sky, seeing adults. Meritorious deeds, heads and horns, clothing brocade return to hometown, auspicious signs. Mysterious Dreams

Psychological Interpretation

Dream interpretation: The dragon is a comprehensive animal with a wide range of symbolic meanings. It can cause fear and is within reach. Under certain conditions it also shows some untamed personality. When you see a dragon in your dream, you should examine your passion and many confused concepts.

Psychoanalysis: Everyone has a courageous side in his character, and dares to face dangerous disputes. This kind of spirit of people helps you overcome the mean side of your character, and then pushes you to the depths of your soul. Seeing the dragon in his dream showed a similar dispute.

Spiritual Symbol: From the perspective of psychiatry, dreaming about the dragon's feminine character means surrendering to feudal patriarchy. This type of character should be caressed and does not need to be overcome in a struggle.

Case Study of Dreaming Dragon

Description of the dream: In the eyes of the Chinese, the dragon symbolizes the Chinese nation's dragon and leap, and the everlasting national spirit. The dragon has become a symbol of the Chinese nation. There was a celebration scene in my dream that time, the giant dragon was flying in the volley, giving people a spirit of progress. (Male, 21 years old)

Analysis of dreams: The dragon in the dream is a meaning of great fortune, symbolizing the take-off of career. Dreaming of a dancing dragon indicates that your career will flourish. In the near future, you will achieve great success; dreaming of a dragon entering the room means that you will achieve good economic benefits. You Fortune is coming.