The young woman dreamed of the female abbot, saying that she would be forced to accept unpleasant tasks and would yield to her superiors after a futile resistance.

Dreaming of the kind female abbot smiling indicates that you will meet many real friends and that you have a bright future.

Dreaming of a nun in the Dreamsmeaning Book indicates that there will be disasters, and disasters may occur, so be careful.

A man dreams of a nun is a big omen, which means that there will be countless disasters, and there may be problems in career, wealth, health, and relationships.

A woman dreams of a nun, indicating that she will quarrel with her family members, family disputes may occur, and family members will be very sad.

A businessman dreams of a nun indicates that there will be a problem in your business, and you may need a large amount of money to make up for this mistake, which will affect your business.

The patient dreamed of a nun, indicating that your condition may be more complicated, ordinary treatment methods will not have any effect, and more treatment is needed.

The employee dreams of a nun, which means that you may be unpopular in the company, often fail in doing things, and there is no development prospects and room for improvement. It is recommended to change careers.

Dreaming of dating with a nun means that you will lose a lot of money for certain things, and you may be embarrassed in your life because of this.

To dream of a nun reading the scriptures means that you are very upset recently and you need some appropriate entertainment to improve your current mood.