Zhou Gong interprets dreams and dreams of flying dragons

Men dream of flying dragons, there will be obstacles in doing things, they will not be smooth sailing, and their goals will be difficult to achieve.

Lovers dream about the dragon, and their relationships will improve. For example, loved by classmates, etc., there will be a new beginning with lovers, the climax of love is coming.

Scholars dream of flying dragons, indicating poor test results.

Dreaming that the golden yellow dragon is flying in the sky is an omen of good things, which indicates that the dreamer will achieve great achievements in the future and has a bright future.

Long dreamed of flying to the ground, indicating that you recently have unexpected income.

Dreaming of flying dragons into the sky, or dragons spitting fire, or roaring, all indicate that you will receive unexpected good news in the near future. Maybe the official transport Hengtong or the fortune will take the lead and the incident will go smoothly. It will win everyone's respect, follow, and achieve your wish And succeed.

Dreaming that you have become a dragon flying into the sky, indicates that you will fly Huang Tengda, become famous all over the world, and realize your ideals and ambitions in your heart.

Dreaming that the dragon is flying in the sky indicates that you have very good luck, and that your work and study results are remarkable and noticeable.

The pregnant woman dreamed of the dragon, suggesting that the son of the dreamer's future birth must be able to become a big man, and have a great deal to stand out;

The pregnant woman dreamed of Bailong, implying that the dreamer would have a nice child, and the child would be very smart and able to be a big official;

The pregnant woman dreamed of Dragon Ascension, which means that the son of the dreamer's future birth can become the grand husband.

The pregnant woman dreams that Long Fei enters the house or gets into the clothes, so sincerely congratulate you, you will give birth to a lively, cute, smart child, and the child will definitely be famous in the future!

The pregnant woman dreamed that the two dragons flew into the house or got into the clothes, indicating that twins would be born.

The original version of Zhou Gong Xie Meng dreamed of flying dragons

Dreaming of the dragon fly, the main body is expensive. The Dream Book of Dunhuang