Dreaming of sending dead people indicates that luck is good, marriage life will be very happy, and you will get countless money, which is a good sign.

Job seekers dream of sending dead people, indicating that the job search is good, they also have clear goals and will work for them, but their performance is best to meet the requirements of recruiters, the probability of success will be high.

Seeking scholars to dream of killing the dead indicates that the exam scores are good and some progress will be made, but we cannot be proud, and we need to continue our struggle.

The unmarried person dreams of sending the dead, which indicates that the relationship will be successful, but it should not be too impatient, and you need to give it with perseverance and sincerity to get the desired result.

The office workers dreamed of killing the dead, indicating that the work is good, and they can find a direction suitable for their own development. This will be decisive for the future career development, but they must work hard for it.

Dreaming that I really met the dead, which indicates that I am fortunate and popular, and my friends are willing to talk to you if you have troubles, but do n’t worry too much, even if it is sad, but realistic and frank suggestions can really be beneficial It is important for the other party to directly point out the other party's deficiencies.