Dreaming of female ghosts reflects your own emotional, hurt past, or represents your friends, emotionally hurt, and affects you.

Dreaming of attacking a female ghost, you can avoid a disaster. From Zhou Gong's official website

Dreaming of running away when you see a female ghost is a sign of overcoming work difficulties or defeating competitors.

Dreaming that there are female ghosts floating in the sky, it means that you have research results in science, but you have hidden worries in life, and disaster may come.

Dreaming of a female ghost indicates a guilty conscience during the day. The so-called day is not to do bad things, not afraid of knocking at the door in the middle of the night.

Dreaming of a female ghost in red represents the dreamer's inner fear and shadow of something.

Dreaming of a female ghost in white dreamed that the dreamer was lonely and lacked vitality.

Dreaming of being chased by a female ghost, I chose to face the female ghost directly, and died by being twisted by the female ghost, but there was no pain, which means that the dreamer has pressure, not desperately running away but waiting for his arrival, which means that the dreamer is not Escaping, but facing directly, but I do n’t have enough ability to completely control the development of things, and I was tortured by a female ghost and died without pain, which means that although things did not go as I wanted, they were over These actually represent that the dreamer may have conflicts with close friends recently, but instead of making a big noise, he feels that many things are ridiculous. Eventually things will pass, but there is still a gap.