Dreaming that you are immersed in the ground, and still very happy, this is a good dream, which means that you will have unexpected gains in wealth and make you very satisfied.

Dreaming of yourself falling into the ground, if your upper body is on the ground, it indicates that you are about to usher in the early days;

But if you dream about your body falling underground, you are foreshadowing disaster, especially in the near future.

Dreaming that the ground is subsiding, it means that your living environment is not good for you. You need to improve as soon as possible or move quickly , otherwise there will be restless homes.

University teachers dream of falling, meaning dreamers will be famous for their outstanding achievements;

Scholars and experts dream of depression, meaning that dreamers will be world-renowned for their academic achievements;

Dreaming of depression, for most people, dreaming of depression may mean that the dreamer has found the center of gravity of his life and can start his life firmly and fearlessly.