The Pegasus you dreamed about is the same as in the myth story. This is a symbol of adventure and waste. It also means that there may be good news for you. If the Pegasus in your dream runs away from you, it means This good news is not a good opportunity for you.

Dreaming about Pegasus generally represents adventure and waste, and it also reminds you that you will receive good news that will make you physically and mentally happy.

Dreaming that Pegasus ran away towards you, indicating that the good news you received may not be a good opportunity for you to miss.

Dreaming of Tianma flying in the sky, he said that everything will be fine. Of course, love will go well. The hearts of the two will be closer together.

Dreaming of horses running wild, or a group of horses running away, indicates that the dangerous situation you have encountered is a thing of the past, and it will soon rain and clear, and you will be happy.

Dreaming of riding fast horses and constantly running, the spring breeze looks proud, which means that you do things smoothly and smoothly, and when you encounter difficulties, there will always be someone to help you.