If you feel that the witch in your dream is evil and hostile, this usually indicates your subconscious destructiveness and danger. If men are dreaming like this, it may reflect the poor femininity and fear of castration in your personality, or there may be a big conflict between mother and female leader.

  Dreaming about evil witches may also hint at the subdued incest in your subconscious. Women have such dreams, and may sometimes express a subconscious desire to abuse or be abused.

  Conversely, if you feel that the witch in your dream is full of wisdom, or is listening to you to help you solve the problem, it implies that your difficulties may need to be solved, or your wishes will be realized.

  Dreaming of a witch indicates that although you will actively seek fun with others, the unchangeable living conditions will still make you lose.

  Dreaming of witches walking towards you shows that your career is going to decline, and your family life is full of the haze of disappointment.

  Zhou Yi Jie Meng

  The image of a witch has two meanings. One is the priestess; the other is that they are considered malicious. The latter is spread especially by children's writers. The former kind of witch represents the inherent wisdom, growth, and recovery; the latter kind of witch represents the destructive subconscious power.

  If a witch in a man's dream symbolizes the negative side of his Anima, that is, the bad female component of a man's personality.

  When a good-looking witch appears in a dream, she is often willing to use her witchcraft to help you achieve your wishes. If you make a request in your dream and it is accepted by her, it is a good symbol.

  The latter kind of witch is a common witch in fairy tales. She symbolizes the danger in your subconscious. In women, it sometimes symbolizes an abusive and abused sexual desire.

  Some people who dream of this kind of witch will have some magical performances, such as having a certain special function or ability, or at least being regarded as mysterious and intuitive, but these people should not develop or indulge themselves. Otherwise, It is very likely that they will go into magic. Such people should not practice qigong, otherwise they will easily become biased or become more like a witch god.

  In a fairy tale, you should run away quickly when you encounter such an evil witch. Similarly, if you dream of such a witch, you should remind yourself to stop indulging in intuition, qigong, and spirit. Should lead a normal life, otherwise it is dangerous.

  The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

  See the witch, the Lord is far away. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

  Become a witch, the heroine speaks. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

  Psychological Dream Interpretation

  Dream interpretation: If the dream involves a certain mythical goddess, it combines the dreamer with multiple images of women. If a woman sees a goddess in her dream, this symbolizes the union of all women's subconscious, and strives for the legal rights in the women's world to get the most out of her dream. If you are a man, then the image of the goddess is a sign of men's fear of women's power. Generally speaking, your ideas and attitudes in this respect reflect the experience you have accumulated in dealing with women, and this experience is often obtained when you are dealing with your mother.

  Psychoanalysis: The witch is also a very intuitive woman. She uses every effort to achieve her purpose. They are subjective and arbitrary, so they lose their critical judgment.

  Spiritual symbol: If you experience all the exemplary images at the same time, it shows that he has become a complete whole.