Dreaming of Master Yu, it is a good omen to nourish all things and win the favor of others.

Dreaming of the gods (Buddha statues) in the Buddhist temple, this is an auspicious dream, which means that you will be happy in the near future. If the wife is pregnant, the mother and child will be safe and the child will grow up healthy and healthy.

Dreaming of the gods appearing (Buddha statues). If you see the Eight Immortals, it means that your recent financial fortune is good. You have been thinking about the plan for a long time. Now it is the time to implement and God will help you.

Dreaming of God is a sign of success and profit.

Dreaming about the immortal entering the house means that the people in your family are worried about your career, and you can be promoted smoothly at work, and the family can be very happy with you, and the family is in a good mood.

Dreaming of being chased by ghosts and gods indicates that you may be seriously ill recently. It is best to go for a full body examination, especially paying attention to the health of your liver.

Women dream of praying to God, indicating that both the husband and the child are healthy.

Dreaming about the voice of God means that you have a good chance of being promoted. If your current situation is very poor, it means that your fortune will gradually improve.

The married woman dreamed that God was smiling and said she would have a son who became famous in his youth.

The patient suffering from Shen Yan dreamed of burning incense buns to the goddess of the temple , indicating that it was an auspicious sign and his body would recover.

Men dreamed of praying to God alone, saying that they would lose people's help.

Dreaming of holding a sword in God's hand means that the enemy will be destroyed.

Men dreamed of praying to God with many people, saying that they would be respected by society.

Dreaming that God held himself in his arms, said that he would live a happy life and live longer than Nanshan.

Dreaming of offering sacrifices to God is one after another.