Dreaming of a cardinal in a red robe, it is very likely that you will encounter such misfortune: you will have to go to a foreign country to start a new business. If a woman has had this dream, it means she has declined due to credulous promises.

If the bishop or missionary is a psychological counselor, we think we need their help. Especially when facing temptation, then we dream of him is a kind of warning, warning us to stay away from evil.

To dream of the bishop, he will have to work hard, accompanied by the cold and trembling embarrassment.

The businessman dreamed of the bishop that he was likely to lose a lot of money due to stupid buying.

The teacher or writer dreamed of the bishop, because he delved into a complicated problem, and he was puzzled.

To dream of getting the approval of a beloved bishop indicates that you will be able to accomplish everything, no matter your emotions or your career.