Dreaming of fairies dancing in the sky indicates that something good will happen and you may get unexpected wealth.

When a man dreams of a fairy dancing in the sky, he will meet the ideal woman in his mind. ( Dreamsmeaning Book )

A woman dreams of fairies dancing in the sky will make her famous all over the world because of her outstanding performance. It is an excellent dream. '

Dreaming of fairies playing music indicates that you may set up a feast for your children’s marriage.

Dreaming of fairies dancing indicates that you are dissatisfied with the current situation and eagerly desire happiness in your heart.

The writer dreams of fairies dancing, implying that the trivial matters in life have brought you a lot of troubles and longing for unfettered freedom in his heart.

Students dream of fairies dancing, which is a sign of too much pressure on academic performance.

The working person dreams of fairies dancing, indicating that they are embarrassed or bullied.

Zhougong Stock Market

Dreaming of fairies dancing in the sky indicates that the stock market implies that the current high prices cannot be sustained, and if there are benefits, they should be sold at arbitrage.