Dreaming of a grumpy Poseidon may indicate that you will have unexpected creativity in these two days.

Dreaming of a dreamlike mythical world means that you are now living happily and carefree.

Dreaming of the mythical world of demons and monsters running rampant indicates that you are under a lot of pressure, obstructed, and will encounter some trouble.

Dreaming of a quiet and elegant mythical world means that you are now in a peaceful mood and life is comfortable.

Dreaming of God is an auspicious sign of success and profit.

Dreaming that God is holding a sword in his hand, the enemy will be destroyed.

Dreaming of God holding a three-pronged fork in his hand, furious, and catastrophic disaster in the residential area.

A married woman dreams of a smile on her face will give birth to a son who has become famous in her youth.

To dream of God holding yourself in his arms will lead to happiness and longevity.