Dream of ghost soul possessed, encounter dangerous ghosts represent the bad things, is an ill omen.

A man dreams of being possessed by a ghost means that there will be disasters, and he should eliminate his wealth and avoid disasters at this time.

A woman dreams of a ghost possessing her body and is going to travel a long distance, Ji, beware of thieves on the journey.

The unemployed dream of ghost possession indicates that your fortune is not good.

Dreaming of being upper body by a ghost is generally caused by incorrect sleeping posture. Don't put your hands on your heart or stomach when you sleep. If the quilt is too thick, you may oppress yourself. Relax and relax.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: dreaming of ghosts is sometimes a manifestation of physical weakness. Dreaming that you have become a ghost may indicate that your fortune will improve or that you will have fortune. To dream of the ghost of your father, you must be extra careful and pay attention to safety. Dreaming such a dream reminds you that you may be in danger. Dreaming of the ghost of a living friend may mean that your friend is not very likable, which makes you have a lot of complaints in your heart. Dreaming of a ghost talking to you indicates that you may be controlled by someone. If a woman has such a dream, it also means that she will be widowed or deceived. Dreaming of wildfires may indicate that you will encounter disasters, so be careful.

Psychological analysis: It is generally believed that dreaming of the ghost of an acquaintance may indicate that the person still has not finished speaking or has not finished explaining. Dreaming of the ghost of a stranger may mean that you have a "ghost" in your heart, or that you feel guilty about the bad things you have done in the past.

Spiritual symbol: From a spiritual analysis, dreaming of ghosts indicates physical weakness.