Zhou Gong Xie Meng dreamed of Qinglong

The blue dragon is the main evil, and its evil spirit is better than other dragons. The appearance of Qinglong means that you will encounter some bad things in the next few days, but it doesn't matter. God will help you and you will get through the difficulties soon.

A woman dreams of a blue dragon. In your dreams, the blue dragon symbolizes the man you like. Strong, fierce, and unruly, this person is more attractive to you. It also makes you feel conquered. At the same time, it can be seen that you are pursuing excitement in your heart and believe in your ability. Compared with ordinary people, you prefer men with ability and badness.

A man dreams of Qinglong. If you are unmarried, your future wife will be a white tiger. If you are married, your wife is derailed.

Dreaming of flying on a dragon is a good sign, suggesting that dreamers may get lucky, help them realize their wishes, and foretell that the difficulties faced by dreamers will be solved, and they will be accompanied by prosperity and wealth around them and in their careers. There will be greater development.

Dreaming of dragons spitting fire in dark caves, suggesting that dreamers will have unexpected good news from afar or noble people in the near future, which may be to help them climb to the summit of success or help to solve the problem of spines, although it needs to be based on the flame The range of the jet is different, but it is certain that the dreamer will get windfall or get rich.

Dreaming of dragons spitting out or jade beads. If you dream of dragons and gold and silver jewellery at the same time, it means that the dreamer will get the blessings from heaven, good fortune in career, and he will overpower the crowd in various competition Win the victory bravely, achieve success and achieve a long-cherished wish. In addition, this dream will bring you luck, and unexpected good news such as Zhongcai may also fall from the sky.

Dreaming about the transfiguration of Jackie Chan on behalf of the dreamer, there are great men around, and there will be noble people to help, make a major breakthrough for himself.

Dreaming that the dragon illuminates the house, it indicates that the dreamer's family will have good news in the near future. If there are unmarried men and women, they will find excellent partners. If they are engaged in business or investment, they will also succeed.

Dreaming that dragons are entangled is a sign of good fortune. If a pregnant woman dreams of this, it implies that the dreamer will have a good child; if a married woman dreams of this dream, it implies that the dreamer's own child will definitely be an outstanding person in the future.

The pregnant woman dreamed of giving birth to the blue dragon, which is the lucky dream of the lucky dream. The child born is likely to grow into a pillar with both wealth and reputation.