Zhou Gong Xie Meng dreamed of Bailong

Bailong is a symbol of good luck. It frequently appears in the legends and myths of the East. It brings reputation and luck to people. You will receive the honor and wealth that God has given you, and this wealth should be used where it is good for the world.

Dreaming that Bailong represents someone who will be promoted and make a fortune on your behalf, and you gain the trust of others.

The staff dreamed that Bailong might get promoted.

When students dream of Bailong, they will go to school.

Dreaming of flying on a white dragon is a good sign, suggesting that dreamers may get lucky, help them realize their wishes, and foretell that the difficulties faced by dreamers will be resolved, and accompanied by prosperity and wealth around them, in their careers There will also be greater development;

Dreaming of the white dragon spitting fire in the dark cave, suggesting that the dreamer will have unexpected good news from afar or a noble person in the near future, which may be to help himself climb the peak of success or help resolve the problem of spines, although it needs to be based The range of the flame spray is different, but it is certain that the dreamer will get windfall or get rich;

Dreaming of turning into a white dragon, on behalf of the dreamer, there are great people around, and there will be noble people to help, to make a major breakthrough;

Dreaming about Xiao Bailong screaming hungry, feeding Xiaolong himself, usually dreaming about Xiaolong representing the cause, dreaming about Xiaolong screaming directly, implying that the dreamer's career lacks due conditions in his growth process, dreaming of feeding Xiaolong means dream The devotee's investment, support and attention to the cause at the same time embody the gentle, tolerant and selfless giving side of the dreamer.

Dreaming that the white dragon entered the house and the dragon entered the embrace, foreshadows that the son born by the dreamer will be famous in the future;

Dreaming of the discovery of the white dragon in the cave is a sign that the dreamer's children will become dragons and phoenixes in the future;

The pregnant woman dreamed of Bailong, implying that the dreamer would have a nice child, and the child would be very smart and able to be a big official;

The pregnant woman dreams that Bailong ascends to heaven, which means that the son born by the dreamer can become the grand husband of the sky;