Zhou Gong Xie Meng dreamed of Jinlong

The dragon is the mascot, and the golden dragon is the holy relic of Jishangjiaji.

I heard that Dong Zhuo was not a good person. He dreamed that Jinlong's ridicule might be that he wanted to be emperor all day and was crazy.

But this has nothing to do with its death. (From)

Dreaming about Jinlong's ridicule shows that you will be able to get help from your nobles in the near future, and you have the opportunity to be promoted.

If you are a student, now is the time for the graduation (final) exam , indicating that your grades will be very good. If you enter the entrance examination, you will be admitted to the school you want.

Dreaming of Golden Dragon, you will get the reputation and wealth from heaven, and this wealth should be used for the benefit of the world. Well, I wish you the dream of a dragon that can bring prosperity and prosperity to people in order to help you.

The dream of flying a golden dragon is a good sign. It is possible that the god of fortune will love you and help you realize your wish. This dream foreshadows the difficulties you face and will be accompanied by glory and wealth.

Dreaming of giving birth to a golden dragon is a sign that a wife or bride will give birth to a healthy baby in the future.

Dreaming of Jinlong spitting fire in the dark cave, there will be unexpected good news from relatives or nobles in the distance in the near future, which may help you climb the peak of the success or resolve the problem. Although the range of the flame spray is different, you can think that you will get windfall or get rich.

Dreaming of the golden dragon roaring to heaven, if dreaming of the dragon successfully ascending to heaven, it indicates that good news will come in the near future. You will have good luck, everything goes well, and you may be appreciated and respected by everyone to realize your wish.

Dreaming of the golden light radiating the house, on the one hand, it indicates that the unmarried family members in your family may find excellent partners, on the other hand, it indicates that the wealth is strong, and the business is booming in the near future. If you invest, it will be a great success.